Using The Sixth Sense To Fulfill your Definite Purpose! 2018 Awareness Workshop

By Ghost Outlet (other events)

Saturday, January 14 2017 11:00 AM 5:30 PM

Learn how to Use and BOOST your own ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) To Achieve Success and Happiness in all areas of your Life!

Join us for a SPECIAL CONSCIOUS EDITION workshop with Chris Fleming, international renown medium and spiritual consultant from A&E's Psychic Kids & Dead Famous, Larry King Live and Travel Channels "Ghost Adventures" and "Aftershocks" 

Limited to 30 People Max!  Don't wait, reserve your seating now! 

Do you ever wonder how some people have all the luck?  How some people just seem to know what to do before anyone else?  What is it they are tapping into to achieve remarkable success?

We all have a Sixth Sense, so why not learn how to use it?

Welcome to ESP  ( Extra Sensory Perception ) - The ability to receive and recognize intelligent information that can be beneficial for opportunity or helpful to avoid danger. 

Bring more awareness to your work, relationships and interaction in life by tapping into the very frequency of our existence! 

This workshop will teach you how to be more conscious and aware of all possabilities. This special day event will be broken down into multiple lessons and principles with mental and spiritual target practice sessions. The time spent during this workshop will teach you how to identify, pay attention to your sixth sense,  and use special principles that the book "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" have leaned towards, but failed to mention.

During The 5 hour workshop You Will Learn:

  • What is and How to use ESP and your Sixth Sense
  • How consciousness works in our Physical world and in the Spiritual Realm
  • How frequency of existence creates all possabilities and how to select the right path to take while accessing the alternatives. 
  • How to recognize opportunity and avoid danger before it occurs
  • Why Controlling your thoughts and avoiding mental drifting is important
  • How to use the #1 universal law to your advantage
  • The Secrets from point A to point B to accomplish your goals
  • Create your own definite purpose in life during the class
  • How to change your reality with one simple technique
  • How to confront challenges and setbacks 
  • What the spirit world says about reality and our thoughts
  • How to receive your own messages from the spirit world and the universe
  • Why it is significant to keep important balance to your Body, Mind and Soul
  • And more!

Using universal and spiritual principles revealed by some of the world's greatest philosophers and messages received from higher consciousness and the spirit world, Chris will cover a lot of ground and share mindful information to increase your awareness, knowledge and understanding on how thoughts work in shaping the universe.

There will be targets and practice sessions for you to put to use while in class. With one on one training and group participation your questions will be answered to empower you with the full potential you have access to as a conscious being. 

You will walk away from this workshop with important knowledge on how to tap into infinite intelligence and receive direct and indirect information from the Universe. This information, understood by some of the greatest minds of our time will help you achieve happiness, better health and success.  

Workshop you will be given a note pad and work sheet - Please bring your own pen to write with as it  contains your own energy.  This will be crucial during the following exercises:

  • Chris will guide you during the workshop to write out a universal plan that will define your purpose and begin the stages of awareness towards accomplishing your goals. 
  • You will learn to call upon the universe right away to set things in motion. 
  • Targets will be given during the class to use your own Sixth Sense to identify. Previous results in class have been astonishing. 
  • Your awareness of the Electro magnetic field will also be tested to help teach you to be aware of changes going on around you avoiding danger or recognizing opportunity. 
  • Learn how spirit communication works and how you can connect with a loved on on the other side. 
  • Learn about alternate possabilities and how they exist- this knowledge will give you great benefit in altering your current situation. 
  • Live Communication with the spirit world by asking questions and hear them respond through Chris's ITC devices. 

Chris will also take questions during periods of the workshop.  

Schedule 11-1pm - Introduction and discussions of principles

There will be a 5-minute break each hour with break for lunch from 1-2pm 

2-5:30 pm remainder of workshop with examples and class participation

"Sixth Sense for Success: Conscious Awareness"  is the continuation of workshops offered by Chris Fleming and a great way to start off a productive summer setting your energies into motion for 2017!

NOTE: IF you have taken one of Chris's workshops before then this is a great opportunity to refresh what you learned, practice more target sessions and expand with more important principles not covered in his previous 3 & 5 hour courses.